FIRE Thermogenic Pre-Workout
Legacy Fire Thermogenic Pre-Workout, Electric Pink Lemonade, 270g
Legacy Fire Thermogenic Pre-Workout, Mango Madness, 270g
Legacy Fire Thermogenic Pre-Workout, Supplement Facts

FIRE Thermogenic Pre-Workout


FIRE Thermogenic Pre-workout will help burn calories, enhance endurance and incinerate body fat. Developed to outperform, outwork and burn more fat for fuel than any of its predecessors or competitors, in a single scoop.

FIRE Pre-workout is your go-to for toning up and fast. An energy juggernaut meets a thermogenic inferno to offer both preworkout and fatburner under one lid. If you’re focused on training hard, cutting calories and curbing hunger cravings, this one’s for you.

  • Lasting Energy
  • Enhanced Thermogenesis
  • Boosts Performance
  • Helps Tone and Define