Pre-workout: The Most Important Step Your Workout Routine Is Missing


Would you take off on a long trip without filling up your gas tank? Likely not unless you planned to get stranded on the side of the road, right? Just like your vehicle needs fuel for the long haul, your body needs fuel when you expect it to maintain optimal performance while working out. Discover the many benefits of adding a pre-workout to your routine.

4 Undeniable Pre-Workout Benefits

A pre-workout can mean anything you do before working out, but here we're talking about products designed to impart physical benefits both during and after a workout. Not to mention this is in exchange for minimal time and effort.

Who doesn't want to boost their routine without adding hours at the gym? Here's why we love incorporating Legacy pre-workouts into our power-packed routines.

  • Less fatigue and soreness - Given what working out does for your body, it's no wonder it gets tired at the end of a session. Experience less post-workout fatigue when you prep with Legacy pre-workout products.
  • Enhanced muscle development - A well-managed and planned routine will only take you so far. Pre-workout solutions have the perfect blend of ingredients to improve muscle tone and mass without extending your workout sessions.
  • Improved stamina - If you've ever felt like your fuel is running low mid-routine, pre-workouts are for you. Containing essential proteins and nutrients to boost your stamina, you can power through even the most strenuous routines.
  • Extended training sessions - When you want to keep going but your body won't keep up, add pre-workouts to your routine to improve energy and endurance.

Powerhouse Pre-workout Products to Amp Up Your Results

If you've ever felt like you've hit a plateau in your progress or are simply looking to make your time spent working out do more for your body, it's time to try adding a pre-workout to your routine. As we reviewed above, there are many potential pre-workout benefits. When you choose Legacy you can select which type of pre-workout best suits your goals.

Legacy Legit Pre-workout

Available in a variety of flavors, our signature Legacy Legit pre-workout combines the best of energy-boosting pre-workouts with endurance-enhancers to keep you balanced and focused.

Geek'd Nootropic Pre-workout

Designed to improve both your mood and energy level, Geek'd Nootropic will help your body match your willpower when hitting it hard. Plus, it gives us a nostalgic jolt with its similarity to a favorite tongue-tingling candy from childhood.

FIRE Thermogenic Pre-workout

Featuring a taste of the tropics, this tropical-flavored pre-workout is designed to enhance metabolism and burn fat. It's the perfect bit of island body wrapped up in a tasty pre-workout.

Grab Your Pre-Workout Today

Whether you're already living the body of your dreams or feel you need to push harder to meet your goals, our pre-workout solutions will maximize your efforts and help you achieve faster results.


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