What is a Thermogenic Pre-Workout?

If you've been getting more and more into your fitness and working out consistently, you've probably heard the term "thermogenic" in recent conversations, but perhaps you've refrained from asking specific questions about it to avoid sounding ignorant. Or maybe you know a little bit about them and would like to know more and how they can fit into your workout fitness plan. Lucky for you, we're breaking down all the information you need on thermogenics, included how they work and how they can help you meet your goals. 

Thermogenics Defined

The definition of thermogenic is to produce heat. A thermogenic fat burning supplement is designed to increase the metabolic process that naturally burn fat in your body. The main goal of these supplements are to create 'thermogenesis', which is simply generating heat. So when you use a thermogenic supplement combined with exercise, it helps the body accelerate heat internal heat generation. By boosting the overall functionality of your metabolism, thermogencis help you lose weight. Simply put, when the temperature of your body tissues rise, you burn more calories. Do they work? The research indicates, yes. 

How Thermogenics Work

The benefits of thermogenics don't stop there. Most forms of thermogenic supplements also contain caffeine and/or nootropics, they improve cognitive function, contributing to increased focus, mood, and overall energy levels. All of these have both direct and indirect impacts on our general health. For example, you undoubtedly already know that physical exercise is an important component in anyone's weight loss journey, but like many busy people, you may lack the energy or motivation to work out. The right thermogenic supplement provides the motivation and energy to make physical exercise a part of your regular routine.

Possible Side Effects of Thermogenics

Thermogenic supplements have the same potential side effects as caffeine, such as dizziness, anxiety, mild heart palpitations, and an upset stomach. If coffee typically doesn't bother you, thermogenic supplements probably won't either, but take them with a meal for an added layer of protection. It's also a good idea to cut back on other sources of caffeine when you first start taking thermogenics and add them back slowly until you reach a level that you're comfortable and happy with.

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