7 Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training uses repetitive exercises, like weight lifting and body weight exercises, to build muscle mass. As your strength increases, you'll notice health benefits that far go beyond the gym. Starting to incorporate strength training will give you these benefits that promote overall wellness.

1. Boosts Your Metabolism

Strength training speeds up your metabolism so that your body burns fat more quickly. A fast metabolism burns fat even when you're sitting down so you continue to shed fat after you leave the gym. Less fat on your body means more energy that helps you tackle heavier weights and more strenuous workouts.

2. Fights Aging

As you get older, you might experience less energy, reduced strength and joint pain that make it harder to exercise. Strength training can slow aging by keeping your body strong and flexible. You'll maintain the energy that you need for regular workouts, helping you preserve your health.

3. Quicker Recovery

Strong muscles can withstand injuries better than weak ones. Strength training won't necessarily prevent an injury, but it makes your body more resistant to damage. Strong, flexible muscles recover more quickly so you can resume your daily routine. They also help your body withstand everyday challenges, such as lifting heavy objects and walking long distances.

4. Helps You Sleep Better

Working out burns energy so you can sleep better at night. When you fall asleep easily, you'll enjoy a better sleep quality and wake up refreshed in the morning. You'll start the day with a cheerful, energetic mood that increases productivity and makes you look forward to hitting the gym after work.

5. Higher Confidence

Strength training relieves stress and anxiety that builds up during the day, helping you look at situations more objectively. You'll also build confidence as you track your weight loss, muscle gains and improved stamina. Increased confidence means more energy, healthier relationships and a brighter outlook on life.

6. Increases Bone Density

Older people tend to develop conditions, such as arthritis and osteoporosis, that weaken their bones and result in joint pain. Strength training builds bone density to keep your body functioning as you age. A doctor might recommend strength training if you have one of these conditions to help you regain strength and flexibility.

7. Encourages Heart Health

Strength training increases blood circulation, which reduces your risk of strokes and blood clots. Regular exercise also lowers your blood pressure, reduces artery buildup and lowers triglyceride levels. Shedding fat and building muscle prevents obesity-related complications, such as heart disease. You'll also boost your lung strength and capacity so you breathe easier.

When you're ready to start, pick up basic strength training equipment so you can gradually advance to more strenuous exercises. Order weights, an exercise mat, resistance bands and a medicine ball to start practicing at home. Visit the gym when you're ready for more challenging equipment. All in all, strength training will help you become a better you.


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