What Is A Nootropic? The Wonder Supplement You Need

What Is a Nootropic?

If you're preparing for an athletic competition and need a killer workout, Legacy's GEEK'd Nootropic Pre-Workout offers a safe and natural blend of nootropics for focus, stamina and endurance.

Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness fanatics look to finish high-intensity interval training without the dreaded crash from stimulants. Nootropics improve physical performance during workouts by providing plenty of energy to embrace the burn. Keep reading to learn more about nootropics and how they can level up your workouts below.

What Exactly Is a Nootropic?

The strange-sounding word nootropics comes from two Greek words; noos, meaning mind, and tropein, meaning to bend or turn. That makes nootropics mind-bending! But nootropics are not the same as psychotropic trips from magic mushrooms. Even so, some nootropic formulas do contain psilocybin, a compound derived from magic mushrooms used to boost brain function.

Most people already use nootropics and don't even realize it. We all know people who need their daily boost: that dark espresso or strong cup of tea. Both are natural nootropics that are also found in foods high in omega-3 fatty acids and energy-boosting supplements such as ginkgo biloba and creatine. All these substances are nootropics on their own merit. When these and other synergetic agents are mixed into a compound, the result is a supplement with the superpower to propel users into their workout zone.

Do Nootropics Have Any Negative Effects?

According to a scholarly article in the scientific journal eCAM, "Natural nootropics are proven in boosting the brain function while at the same time making the brain healthier." The natural health industry is set on producing nootropic combinations minus the free fall that happens when the energizing effects wear off.

The key to taking nootropics safely is starting with small doses and building up the amount until either your results diminish, you have mild side effects such as headaches or anxiety or you're using a much higher dose than the manufacturer recommends. So, do nootropics have any negative effects? No. Nada. No testing or reporting has exposed any negative impact from naturally based nootropics.

Legacy Supplements Got It Right

Legacy Supplements got it right, creating a nootropics compound called GEEK'd Nootropic Pre-Workout. A healthy mix of natural nootropic supplements with 50 milligrams of AstraGin® to enhance absorption, GEEK'd Nootropic Pre-Workout increases mental alertness and provides a pre-workout push to power through super-sets. GEEK'd Nootropic doesn't rely on caffeine to help you get through your workout. GEEK'd Nootropic also includes Dynamine™ to eliminate the dreaded post-use crash.

GEEK'd Nootropic comes in three exciting flavors. Pop Rox is modeled after the nostalgic candy, Hawaiian Hurricane brings a tropical boost and Radical Rainbow provides a mouth-watering flavor array.

GEEK'd Nootropic Pre-Workout includes a variety of focal promoting agents, herbal energizers, neural enhancers, antioxidants and vitamins. And yes, GEEK'd Nootropic does contain a magic mushrooms mix in the form of psilocybin. Microdoses found in Legacy's pre-workout mix strengthen motivation to reach your workout goals. You'll feel the pump right away and the high from exceeding your workout expectations. GEEK'd Nootropic Pre-Workout gives you the drive to go further, reach your goals, and keep on going.


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