5 Ways To Increase Work Out Consistency

Increasing your workout consistency is a great way to improve your health and lead a happier, healthier lifestyle. It could also improve your quality of life, help you lose weight, and reduce your risk of developing serious health conditions in the future. The best part about this is that exercise does not have to be time-consuming or grueling.

Getting started on an exercise plan can be extremely challenging. However, there are things you can do to increase your workout consistency and stick to working out more often. One of the biggest obstacles that discourages people from working out regularly is getting started and building momentum. If you are struggling to find a workout program that you actually enjoy, or are trying to find your motivation to work out, it is time for some simple tips for building consistency.

Consistency is key when it comes to getting the most out of your work outs, so here are some tips on how to stay consistent with your work outs!

1. Make it a Habit
We're more likely to stick with something if we make it a habit, but it takes repetition to make it stick. Try creating a schedule with alarms and reminders to keep yourself on track. You can set aside specific time of day or specific days of the week to dedicate to training. After a matter of 6-8 weeks of consistently fitting in a workout, it'll start to feel natural to get it done and get on with your day.

2. Keep Your Workouts Fresh
If you are bored with what you have been doing at the gym because it is too boring or repetitive, try something new! There's a multitude of workouts available, so you never have to do the same workout twice. With thousands of workouts available online ranging from 5 minutes to 90 minutes, there's really no excuse to get bored working out. You could try anything from a weightlifting class, kickboxing, or taking up yoga or Pilates. You will be surprised how much more interested you become when there is something new and exciting around every corner and your body will thank you for the variety.

Taking classes at your gym is a great way to mix up your workout routine and get inspired by other people's workouts and energy. You do not have to be an expert in order to take a class—in fact, that might just be part of the fun!

3. Keep Track Of Your Progress & Celebrate Small Achievements.
Keeping track of your progress will help keep you motivated and engaged with your workouts over time—and that's where you can recognize your acheivements. When you hit a milestone or achieve something new during your workout journey, make sure you give yourself some time to celebrate that achievement before getting back into it again. Set smaller goals for yourself along the way. This helps with consistency and will keep you extra motivated.

4. Get A Work Out Partner.
Find an accountability buddy who will keep you on track with your goals and motivate each other along the way. It does not matter if they are online or offline: what matters is that having someone else's support will help keep both of you accountable. This is probably the easiest way to increase your workout consistency and will come along with more fun and motivation. Don't be shy, everyone could use some extra support.

5. Set Realistic Goals For Yourself.
Lastly, do not set yourself up for failure by setting goals that are too high or too unrealistic from where you are right now. Instead, focus on small steps toward bigger goals—like working out 10 times in a month. Set small goals that are achievable in a short period of time, like going for a walk every day or doing 10 push-ups every morning before work. Do not try to do too much at once—you will burn out fast, and then you will not want to work out again.

These easy, simple tips can help you stay the course of your fitness journey. Most importantly, realize that fitness and working out is a marathon not a sprint. It's a part of life, not so much a one and done activity. Keep consistent and keep yourself motivated and you'll go far. 


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